When it comes to choosing between a soap and a shower gel for a refreshing bath, it is important for you to know the advantages a shower gel offers over the regular soap bar. After using soap for your bath, you need a good moisturising lotion to prevent your skin from losing moisture. So why use an ordinary soap for an ordinary bathing experience when you can use a shower gel to pamper yourself with a proper spa-like experience. 

Here we highlight why shower gels are a better option for a refreshing bath, as they offer a host of advantages over traditional soaps.

  • As compared to soaps, shower gels have more fragrances, vitamins and essential oils and address more self-hygiene and cosmetic purposes. They are also infused with elements that control odour due to heavy perspiration.
  • Shower gels come in plastic bottles and do not run the risk of contamination by things such as body hair and bacteria. Even if they are being shared by more than one person, the level of hygiene remains highest.
  • You can use shower gels for a longer duration as they do not melt like soaps. Also, since soaps are exposed to the elements as they are not enclosed, they tend to lose their cleansing efficacy over a period of time.
  • Soaps cannot not give you the amazing loofah-lather shower experience like shower gels do, which pampers your skin with a super smooth touch.
  • While soaps have harmful chemicals that make your skin dry and exposed to the elements of nature, shower gels are perfect as they have skin-softening elements which moisturise your skin and keep it hydrated.

The Layer’r Wottagirl Shower Gel range is perfect for a refreshing and relaxing bath, which will make you feel good all day long. What’s more, you can take them on your outstation leisure and work trips without any hassle, as their smart looking plastic packs are travel-friendly.