LAYER’R WOTTAGIRL is an exciting range of Body Splash, Fine Fragrance, Perfume Spray, Face Wash, Body Lotion, Cream, Perfumed Talc and Shower Gel for women, which offers extremely captivating fragrances spinning romance, enigma and femininity.
A Wottagirl is one who has confidently defined her life goals and works happily towards achieving them one by one. She celebrates every twist and turn that life throws at her, with a confident smile. After all, she’s not just a girl - she’s Wottagirl!
She seeks freshness in every aspect of life and can take on the world with her awesome attitude and fresh fragrance. 
LAYER’R WOTTAGIRL is brought to you by Adjavis Venture Limited, established in 2013 by Mr. Devendra N Patel with a vision of creating exclusive personal care products that fit in effortlessly with the discerning woman’s needs and lifestyle.
LAYER’R WOTTAGIRL is India’s very first Body Splash brand for women.