A Wottagirl seeks freshness in every aspect of life and can take on the world with her awesome attitude and fresh fragrance. She has a clear vision of what she wants out of life, sets her goals smartly, achieves them confidently, and confidently lives outside her comfort zone.

When you become a Wottagirl, you enter into a new and exciting dimension of your personality. Your style, your attitude, your individuality undergoes a pleasantly surprising change and you become fresh with confidence, all ready to race towards achieving your ambitions and life goals. With every fragrant day that you add to your moments, the compliments just keep flowing on and on.

As a brand, the mission of Layer’r Wottagirl is to help you discover your true and confident self through the sensually uplifting route of fragrances that will define your unique personality and subtly motivate you to take that proverbial leap of faith to meet your dreams, goals and aspirations.

Your journey of self-actualisation and fulfillment is about to begin. At every step of your progress, our fragrances will keep guiding you towards your destination.

LAYER’R WOTTAGIRL, India’s very first Body Splash brand for women. is an exciting range of Body Splash, Perfume Spray, Face Wash, Body Lotion, Cream, Perfumed Talc and Shower Gel for women, which offers extremely captivating fragrances spinning romance, enigma and femininity.