Layer’r Wottagirl offers you an exclusive collection of body splashes, infused with unique long-lasting fragrances that will be remembered long after you’ve left the party. The scents of our fragrances include notes from the Floral, Fruity, Oriental, Woody and Fresh scent families.

The Floral scent family is frequently used in fragrances and the common notes of this scent are Rose, Jasmine, Lavender and Orange Blossom. Some of our body splashes which include fragrances from this family include Amber Kiss (Orange Blossom), French Peony (Lavender & Peony) and Fantasy (Lavender).

The Fruity scent family consists of notes infused with the fragrance of Apple, Pear, Pineapple, Orange, Raspberry, Melon and Plum, to name a few. Some of our body splashes which include fragrances from this family include Mystic Island (Apple & Pear), Secret Crush (Pineapple), Mandarin Twist (Orange & Raspberry) and Romance (Melon & Plum).

The Oriental scent family consists of dry powdery resin notes, spices and herbs and the notes of this family can be described as “exotic”, “sensual” and “warm”. The common notes of the Oriental scent family are Vanilla, Myrrh and Anise.  These notes form the base of our Spell Bound body splash, which is a spicy fragrance with pepper, musk, citrus and herbaceous notes. 

The Woody scent family includes notes that are opulent and warm, mixing fragrances like patchouli and sandalwood with dry notes like cedar. Our body splash range from this scent family includes Fresh Citrus, Amber Kiss and French Peony.

The Fresh scent family is defined by aromatic and zingy compositions integrated with underlying woodsy notes. Smells used to describe scents from this family are Citrusy, Oceanic and Herby. Some common notes of this family include Bergamot, Citrus and White Flowers. Tropical Berry, our Body splash which artfully blends fruity freshness with floral bloom, contains notes from this scent family.