You’ve heard the saying “beauty is only skin deep”, but do you know that your skin is the first layer of defence in your body? Your overall health is reflected in the condition of your skin. Which is why, you should take good care of your skin so that your skin can also take good care of you.


How does your skin protect you?

You will be surprised to know that your skin protects your body in so many ways. It acts as a barrier for protecting your body from bacterial invasion and other possible environmental hazards. Your body temperature is effectively controlled by the blood vessels and sweat glands in your skin. Your skin cells convert sunlight into Vitamin D which is essential for healthy bones.


Now that you know how important your skin is, shouldn’t you also know how you can keep it healthy? That’s exactly what we’re about to tell you.


Keep yourself hydrated

Water plays an important role in keeping your body hydrated and refreshed. You should keep on drinking water throughout the day as it helps to maintain the elasticity of your skin.  People who consume a large quantity of water everyday are less likely to develop skin scars and will look younger than others of the same age.


Regular exercise keeps your skin glowing

You’ve heard that exercise is good for your body right? Well, it’s also good for improving the texture of your skin by continuously nourishing the skin cells. Breathing exercises, headstand, Pranayama and the Fish pose in yoga are primarily the best exercises for glowing skin.


Use quality skin care products

With so many skin care products in the market, it can be so confusing for you as to which one should you choose. We suggest you go in for quality skin care products that match your skin needs perfectly. It is important to know your skin type and then accordingly select the products that are specifically created for your skin type. The entire range of Layer’r Wottagirl Moisturizing Face Wash, Body Lotion and Cream is of the highest quality and has been created for keeping your skin young by giving it a boost of instant and long-lasting hydration.